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What is Futsal?

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Futsal is the official FIFA and UEFA version of indoor 5 a side football and indeed the only internationally recognized small sided game by every confederation.

Futsal is football in its purest form. It embodies what Pele referred to as “the beautiful game” Pace, skill, teamwork and high drama characterize this popular indoor game.

Futsal is a sport in its own right which does not compete with football but serves to enrich it. It is widely viewed as the ideal skill building environment for producing technically excellent football players. There are proven benefits to playing Futsal for the technical skill development of young players, with particular emphasis on the skills of passing, dribbling and close control.

What is Futsal?
Futsal is a fast-paced indoor soccer game played on a small court. Playing futsal helps players develop their footwork and ball control, and really works them into shape!


FUTSAL: The REALLY Beautiful Game

So, you’re an absolute soccer die-hard. You’d give practically anything to play better. Imagine yourself coming off the pitch and while staggering back to the dressing room you find a magic lamp. You pick up the lamp and for a laugh you give it a rub. Then BOOM! A genie pops out and greets you with an offer to become a better player. Still dumfounded by your find, you blurt out: “I want to be better at dribbling; I want to think quicker, react faster, have more confidence, and play at the highest level!”

The genie gives you strange a look and says: “Why waste your wishes” Why don’t you just play futsal instead?” Not wanting to sound ignorant, you quietly ask yourself “What is Futsal?”

If you are interested in playing, coaching, reffing, or starting a league in your region, the absolute best resource for everything in Canadian futsal is over at www.futsalcanada.ca and if you browse around you will find tons of videos, photos, stories, technical development tips and league information.

Futsal is inevitably going to become a huge part of the Canadian soccer landscape so get started now and gain a head’s up on everybody else. Maybe one day you or your child will represent Canada at a future FIFA Futsal World Cup.

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