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After sitting on the sidelines for a number of years watching our sons, daughters and husbands play soccer, a small group of us approached the Gorge Soccer Association in 1992 to ask for their support in sponsoring a recreational women’s team. Now in our 18th year “The Force” continues to play our own brand of soccer on Monday’s in the Cage and on Wednesday’s in the gym. Previous experience and soccer skills are definitely not a required prerequisite for playing with us. As a recreational team we enjoy playing against each other rather than being part of a league although we are not beyond playing “friendlies” against other teams like ourselves when challenged. We are open to players of all fitness levels and to women who are looking to have loads of fun. In fact if you are too good we have to ask you to move along to a more competitive playing situation. We are also proud to say that soccer is not the only focus for our extraordinarily, energetic players. “The Force” makes time several times a year for some serious fund raising efforts. Funds raised from our Christmas wreaths and Valentines baskets go directly to the Club’s Youth Hardship Fund to assist young players with registration fees. The icing on the cake are our “road trips” to Denman Island where we have more fun than you can imagine. “The Force” wishes to say a big “Thank You” to the Club’s executive for their continued support and encouragement over the years.

For more information contact: Patti Alexander at 250-727-2991 or Kathy Brodsgaard at 250-727-7428

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