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It is necessary for all team officials to register in the registration system, such that we can create the mandatory team lists for LISA & BC Soccer. Thanks to those that have signed up already.

The benefit for you is that it allows you to access a team area and have access to all the contact information for players; create team lists; send emails (it keeps all email addresses for you); it creates the referee roster required for games; etc. I think it will make everyone's life a bit easier

1) Initial Signup

- signup as a coach/ assistant coach/ manager here

--> Click on team Official Registration

2) Accessing Team Area

- This will provide you access to all of the teams you are associated with

- log onto the registration system here


Coach/Manager Return Log Onto the System

Once you have logged onto the system, you can return anytime by clicking on the “Coach Logion” graphic on the Gorge homepage. You can access your profile from this page and all the teams you are associated with.

Can't log in? Forgotten your information? Try the following…

- Forgot Your Username? = here

- Forgot Your password? = here

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