Referee Development

To provide for a positive youth soccer environment, the Gorge will take the following steps to encourage participation by community members as referees and improve refereeing at games:

  • Designate a referee coordinator to oversee the referee program. (Note: the referee coordinator may also be the designated referee assignor.)
  • Provide a Field Marshall on game days to be available to support referees and coaches
  • Designate a BCSA certified and registered referee assignor to assign BCSA certified and registered officials for all recreation plus and or competitive games held by this club.
  • Develop referee program that emphasizes player education and safety in a recreational, recreation plus and or a competitive setting;
  • Provide instructional materials on soccer rules and refereeing procedures to all referees;
  • Sponsor orientation and training to referees;
  • Provide mentoring opportunities to club referees through the Gorge referee mentoring program
  • Provide additional training and replace referees as appropriate;
  • Gorge agrees to inform and require all CSA/BCSA registered and certified adult referees to successfully complete the Gorge referee background check prior to being assigned to or officiating at any Gorge sanctioned game or scrimmage.

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