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Gorge’s Volunteer Criminal Record Check Requirement

Thank-you very much for volunteering with Gorge Soccer Association to provide soccer opportunities for the youth of the area.   t 
As part of BC Soccer’s and Gorge’s Risk Management Program, is mandatory that all coaches and managers dealing with the club youth complete a Criminal Record Check (CRC).  The CRC is just one of the many ways we ensure the safety of our children.


  1. BC Soccer’s Risk management – Rule 21
  2. BC Soccer’s Youth Safe Program

If you have done a CRC and submitted it to Gorge last season, they are good for 3 years

What Do You Have To Do?

Gorge has registered with the Criminal Records Review Program (CRRP) Applicant Based Online Service.  As part of this process, Gorge has signed and agreed to the terms and conditions for the CRRP Applicant Based Online Service to facilitate criminal record checks and sharing of completed criminal record checks.

1.  Go to website -->  Online Link:
2.  Read the information provided on the webpage
3.  Enter the Gorge-specific access code in the entry box
4.  Type in the characters you see in the box (to confirm you are a human)
5.  Click on “Request a New Criminal Record Check” button
6.  Complete the online form and submit it

When CRC is complete the Club's registrar will receive a clearance letter and we will make sure you get a copy.

Manual Process

  • Start this process now … for some of you, it will take a while for process to be completed.
  • Document - Information To Coaches

-       this document describes the CRC process and what you need to do

-       this document is the letter that you must take to your local police station

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