Risk Management Program

Risk Management allows organizations to identify and assess possible sources of harm, and take steps to decrease or prevent it from occurring. It must include evidence of procedures, processes and documents which show an organization’s commitment to maintaining the safety and wellbeing of children and young people.

While it is not possible to eliminate all the risks involved in playing, coaching, or administering sport, Gorge Soccer Association is committed to reducing the risks associated with soccer in the province.

Below is a portion of the Risk Management as it relates to working with youth.

Elements of the Gorge's Risk Management Program include: 

  1. Club - Insurance
  2. Coaching - Volunteer Criminal Record Checks
  3. Coaching - Respect In Sport Education Program - for Coaches
  4. Parents - Respect in Sport Program - For Parents
  5. Players - Concussion
  6. Players - Harassment Policy
  7. Players - Adverse Weather Saftey
  8. Players - Goal Post Saftey

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