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In 1950, the Vets of France Juvenile Soccer Team, coached by the late George Kulai, and managed by the late Ed Ball, moved from the juvenile soccer ranks into senior competition. From this nucleus of players the Gorge Soccer Association evolved, and in 1956 the team played under the sponsorship of the Gorge Hotel. Since that time the Gorge Soccer Association has continued to grow from one senior team and seven youth teams in 1960, to today's 53 youth teams and 12 senior teams. This represents a total of over 1,000 active persons, including directors, managers, coaches and players.

Over the years Gorge youth teams have won League, Island, Coastal and Provincial Cup finals. Our Senior Men's teams have won, a number of times, the Jackson Cup, McGavin Cup and League titles, as well as advancing to the provincial finals. In addition our Senior Women's teams have won the League title, Terry Price Cup, and Challenge Cup many times, and most recently our premier women's team won the Provincial Cup and was one of the National Championship Finalists in 1995. In 2001 and 2002 our Premier Mens team coached by Dante Zanatta made Gorge history by winning the BC Championship Cup 2 years in a row. The Premier men were also runners up in the National finals.

Many Gorge players have played on the District, Provincial and National teams, or have gone on to professional careers in the North American Soccer League and Canadian Soccer League including Bob Bolitho, George Pakos, Graham Lee, Bruce Twamley, Shel Brodsgaard and Nicci Wright.

We expect that the tradition of excellence established during the past four decades of the Gorge Soccer Association will continue long into the future.

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