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Gorge Loses Another Builder/Alumni

Gorge Soccer Association

November 17, 2015

Gorge has lost another great support, builder, manager and alumni tonight ... Ron McClure (Ronnie Mac).

Ron has been around the club as long as I can remember … going back to when he was involved with his son Cam’s team back in early 70’s ... I happened to play in the same age group with them.

Ron and Dunc McCaig helped take the 1960's Gorge Gold team to greater things over the next few years.   

We have Ron & his wife Bev to thank for many things … but one thing I remember was a decade or so ago when club members had to volunteer to help at Tillicum Bingo to get gaming money for the club - Ron & Bev would volunteer at Bingo Hall for all members of the club, so no one else would have to.

He was a great team official, manager, executive and Gorge supporter.   I don’t have to tell you how much the club meant to Ron and Ron meant to the club.  The field house was named in his honor because of his work for the club.

I fondly remember seeing him most Saturday mornings for coffee at the club and he was always being happy, friendly and ready to help.

Ron was also lucky enough to see a number of his grandchildren playing for his beloved Gorge.

Gorge’s thoughts and wishes are with his family and friends.


Gorge XMas Fundraisers

Gorge Soccer Association

Three fundraisers are going on to raise money for the Gorge Hardship Fund and Turf replacement Fund

All of the details are all in the attached document.

1) Wreaths/Swags by The Force

Made by hand by the Gorge's Force ... with proceeds going to the Gorge Hardship Fund.

2) Poinsettias

Order online and get delivered to clubhouse.  With funds going to our Turf replacement Fund.


3) Gift/Cash Cards

Order through a Gorge team (team and player challenges) or online.  With funds going to our Turf Replacement Fund.