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Newsletter - April 2014

Gorge Soccer Association

Gorge Members / Families,

Gorge would like to continue to provide monthly updates to keep you abreast of what is going on in the club.
First, an update on the club’s financial status…

Newsletter - April 2014

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Gorge Soccer Association

Thursday May 22, 2014 @ 6:30-8:00pm
Gorge Fieldhouse - Hampton Park

Spring League has a few spots open!

Gorge Soccer Association

United Soccer's Spring league has a few spots open on some teams. They have left the registration page open for the weekend.

If you know of any friends or teammates that are interested please tell them to register at www.unitedsoccer.ca

Girls ages U13- U18 we have 5-6 spots left
Boys ages U15-U18 we have 3-4 spot left.

All other ages are full.

What's Happening?

Gorge Soccer Association

Check out our new Field House Events Calendar

The Gorge U12 and 13 Gold Teams!

Gorge Soccer Association

Click here for the names of players identified for the U12 & U13 Gold teams for the 2014/2015 season.

Congrats to our Gorge Women O30's FC

Gorge Soccer Association

Winners of the Stephanie Shergold Cup!

Youth Banquet 2014 Photos!

Gorge Soccer Association

We all had a great night at the youth Banquet.
Click here to view photos from this awesome event.

Gorge / Lakehill VIPL Assessment

Gorge Soccer Association

Gorge / Lakehill VIPL Assessment Schedule
U14 – U18 Girls & Boys

See our Assessments Page

The winner of the Canucks raffle

Gorge Soccer Association

The winner of the Canucks raffle ticket draw is Peter Fuglem who bought the winning ticket #496 from Ian Hood.

Thank you to Murray Steward of Corix Water Products for donating the four Canucks tickets.  $2565 was raised for the Gorge Soccer Association!


Gorge Soccer Association

The pooled Gorge and Lakehill Boys teams were successful in winning the A-Cup finals for the VIPL/Island and are both off to the Provincials.  U15VIPL team (top photo) beat Fusion 3-0 and the U16VIPL team (Bottom photo) beat Fusion 2-0.  The U16VIPL team also won the league in their age group.  Both Gorge and Lakehill are proud of these teams.



            -       A-Cup Winners:

o   Boys u15 VIPL team (pooled with LSA) – Ron Ackinclose

o   Boys u16 VIPL team (pooled with LSA) – Colin McLean

-       B-Cup Winners:

o   ---

-       LISA Cup:

o   Girls U18Silver I – Steve LeBlanc

-       District Cup Winners:

o   Boys U14 Silver I – Mike Broadley

o   Boys u16Silver I (pooled with PLSC) – R.Stashewsky

-       League Winners:

o   Boys u16 VIPL team – Colin McLean

o   Girls U14 Silver II – James Burrows/Jay Scholes

o   Girls U15 Silver II – Caleb Kennedy

o   Boys u15 Silver II – Terry Marra

Alumni Day Photos

Gorge Soccer Association

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or you can view gallery here

Gorge Alumni Registration

Gorge Soccer Association

Click here to Register for Gorge Alumni.

Scrap Metal Drive!

Gorge Soccer Association


Drop off your Scrap Metal. We have extended the drive to April 30th. Funds raised will be used for a variety of things aimed at improving conditions for Gorge Soccer Association youth and adult players.

Click here for more info.

Our promise to keep you updated

Gorge Soccer Association

In our promise to keep you updated on the status of the club's financial standing given the recent events, please see our update letter:

Gorge Soccer Association Financial Update letter

Thanks to all of you that have volunteered your support, your time and sent words of encouragement.  There is still a lot to do and we are not completely out of the woods ... but the Executive are confident of full recovery and brighter days ahead.

Any questions/comments, please feel free to contact myself, or any of your Executive.  I will be sending another email later today with more updates on happenings around the park.

Brad Hlasny, A/President
Gorge Soccer


Gorge Soccer Association

Welcome to our final stage of the three Development Programs for the 2013/14 Soccer season.
-Players can choose to train once or twice a week and will have the chance to play in a minimum 5-6 exhibition games during the Spring Program.
-Our spring program will not conflict with any United Spring League games. You are then able to participate in both if you are wanting.

Click here for more info.

Register here

Evaluations for 2014/15 Gold teams

Gorge Soccer Association

Players interested in striving to play for our U12 and U13 gold teams.

See our Assessments page for more info.

2014 United Spring League!!!

Gorge Soccer Association


Important Financial Update

Gorge Soccer Association

We are posting this letter to update you on some financial issues currently being faced by the Gorge Soccer Association. The key points are as follows:

- In early January the Executive appointed a new Treasurer (Todd Abercrombie), passing a motion that he be given signing authority and that all club financial records be turned over to him and to the Gorge Finance Committee.

- President Terry Marra passed away before the records could be secured.

- Upon gaining control of the bank accounts, the Executive became aware that the Association’s bank accounts were empty and a significant amount of money remains unaccounted for.

- Executive does not yet know the reason for the financial irregularities, nor the true extent of them. The police have been contacted, legal advice has been sought and steps have  been taken to safeguard our banking accounts/processes.

- The Executive has initiated a forensic audit to determine what created this situation.

- The Gorge Executive has already instituted new financial policies which will prevent such irregularities and insure financial accountability to our members in the future.

We will be holding an information session for those Gorge members that want further details, on Tuesday February 25, 2014 at 8:00 pm in the Gorge Field house.

Please see the attached letter to the complete club membership regarding some recent findings.

Congrats to Gorge U18 Silver Girls!

Gorge Soccer Association

Congrats to Gorge U18 Silver Girls Leblanc on their LISA Cup win this weekend.


Register before April 1, 2014

Gorge Soccer Association



Register early to ensure a spot for your player next season & save on your registration fee!

Due to problems the past few years with fee payments and in an attempt to get player registration complete before the September 1, 2014 season start we have implemented a 3-stage fee structure.

Early Payment Fee
- Payment between now and March 31, 2014 pays the lowest fee.
Regular Fee - Payment between April 1, 2014 - June 30, 2014 will pay regular fee level.

Late Fee Payment
- Those that register July 1, 2014 and later will pay the highest fee level.
Please note that in order to get fees at any particular level, fees must be received by the noted dates.  Just registering online does not reserve that fee level.

Practice Schedule & Field Split

Gorge Soccer Association

Click here for new 2013 Practice Schedule

Turf 1 / Grass 1 – closest to parking lot
Turf 2 / Grass 2 – closest to the trees
Turf 3 / Grass 3 – centre 1/3 of field (if necessary)

If turf field is split into quarters:
Turf 1 - far side by concession
Turf 2 - parking lot side by buildings
Turf 3 - far side closest to grass field
Turf 4 - parking lot side closest to grass field.

Click for diagram

Code of Conduct

Gorge Soccer Association

As the new season is now up and running, we would like you all to read our Code of Conduct for Players / Coaches / Parents.

Thank you, Gorge Exec.

Small Sided Game Info

Gorge Soccer Association

Field Size, Playing Time, Ball Size etc...

Click here for more info.